PhotoMaleRankKeeper PhotoFemaleRankKeeper
FasuuLead MaleSilvanon ZedelaLead FemaleSilvanon
KadeuuHunterSilvanon AdeniGathererSilvanon
NatheuuWindSpeakerSilvanon KilaHuntressSilvanon
PhotoMaleRankKeeper PhotoFemaleRankKeeper

KavinaFSeason - WinterNatheu x KilaAdlana
Ishlan'PasnaFSeason - SpringNatheu x KilaLuminaire
KuutsinMPlant/WaterFasuu x Zedela Lexington

Raveen Kats

Pairs owned by Silvanon are declaired open for breeding--all have permission. (Please send me the URL of any cubs you get from this pride. Thanks!)

If your mated pair of Kats would like to join the Pride of the Horizon Breaking, please email me at: Include keeper names & emails, Kats' names, URLs, genders, elements, and proposed ranks.

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