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Alonnian Gerbils are a smally furry rodent, inbetween the size of a mouse and a rat. Gerbils have soft fuzzy bodies and long furred tails. Their intelligence is that of a normal small furry rodent. Alonnian gerbils come in a variety of orange, yellow, white and black based hues. Gerbils may be named anything, so long as it is not vulger.

Gerbils form matriarchal (female led) societies called Clans. Within clans, male and female gerbils form mated pairs. A Gerbil pair will produce litters of anywhere from 1 to 10 pups. When I am holding a gerbil breeding, I will first hold a draw for the breeding. After the parent pair has been decided, I will then hold a second drawing to determine who will receive pups from the breeding. The person who won the breeding draw has first pick of the pups available.

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gerbil1HeartLexingtonF--Ruby Eyed White--
gerbil2DiamondDarkWillowF--Ivory Cream--
gerbil3SamPhoenyx FyreM--Siamese--
gerbil4WonderLuminaireF--Red Fox--
gerbil5Snow ShimmiesStormM--Polar Fox--
gerbil7VixArielleM--Red Fox--
gerbil10Drizzled HoneyArriakiF--Dark Eyed Honey--
gerbil13FerialIceCatF--Dark Eyed Honey--
gerbil14Che'yiaStormelleM--Light Silver Nutmeg--
gerbil15PythonFlyingPantherF--Spotted Burmese--
gerbil16MoofiePegaM--Spotted Burmese--
gerbil17MajiUnykoM--Mottled Black--
gerbil18Yi-MinTheleF--Spotted Colorpoint Slate--
gerbil19GeratSaturnaliaF--Mottled Argente Cream--
gerbil20Black DiamondZelda324F--Spotted Black--
gerbil21HalasuchiKryosF9 x 3Siamese--
gerbil22KuaiTheleM9 x 3Burmese--
gerbil23???SkysongF9 x 3Siamese--
gerbil24Cocoa BeanArriakiF9 x 3Burmese--
gerbil25???NyxF9 x 3Dark Tailed White--
gerbil26???FerabirdF9 x 3Siamese--
gerbil27CricketStormF9 x 3Siamese--
gerbil28???IceCatM9 x 3Siamese--

IDClan NameOwner
001Clan of Christmas Warmth GerbilsStorm
IDSnowflake ClanThele
IDClan NameOwner

The Silver Unicorn

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