Mouse Paints
Mouse Paints: Originally named Mouse Paints because of their resemblance to Painted Unicorns, and because of the fact that they are completely mouse-drawn. However, the name could also refer to their diminutive size. Mouse Paints come in batches which generally include four to eight click-and-takes and a few custom colored individuals.

Mouse Paints form Charities similiar to Painted Unicorns. A breeding of Mouse Paints will result in a batch of babies, with the custom colored foals going to the parent's owners.

Mouse Paint Charities

1. Ivini'Moinie, run by Lexington
2. Silver Acorns, run by Lessa Lynn
3. Tymin'avasta, run by Thele
4. Wilared'li're'etem, run by Indigo Moon
3. Nathe'yivsta, run by Thele

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