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Tablet Paint #31: Seousha’cotutia
Welcome to The Silver Unicorn, home of Silvanon the Keeper, Painted Unicorns, the Orchard Messagepost, and the mysterious worlds and creatures of Alonnia.

The Alonnian system consists of three planets. Currently, only one is available for touring: The gentle green planet Allonia. Allonia consistes of one continent, one major island, and a few scattered islands. The other two planets of the Alonnia system, Gavania and Scytha, are not available for extended touring at the moment, but may become so at a later date.

The Silver Unicorn is dedicated in large part to cyber pets. If you are new to the cyperpet world, you can learn more about them here. The Silver Unicorn hosts many cyberpets adopted from other realms, and also has a few creatures willing to be adopted out to other realms.

Please take a look around, and enjoy your stay!

Places To Go
Painted Unicorn Adoptions
Find out everything there is to know about Painted Unicorns. Paints themselves are adopted out via the Orchard Messagepost and Pony Island.
Sign up and start raising you own Buzzles! Online adoption game made by me. :)
Search Allonia
Adventure through the still forming world of Allonia. Who knows what you'll find, or who you'll meet!
Paint Maker
An interactive program that lets you design your own Painted Unicorn.
An interactive online cyberpet adoption game. Play games, battle, contest, and level up your pets. I recommend it! :)
The Orchard Messagepost
Cyberpet and rollplay enthusiasts gather here to chat and play.
Drawing Tutorials
A couple tutorials that show how I draw equines. More tutorials to come!
My first adoption, which I've started doing again. Go here for information and rules. Drigetti are adopted out through the Orchard Messagepost and through the PonyIsland forums.
Fairy Unicorns
The smallest of the Allonian unicorns. Find information on them here. Fairy Unicorns are individually drawn and adopted out through the Orchard.
Firebelly Dragons
A friendly, social, and adoptable breed of dragons. Find information on them here. Firebelly Dragons are individually drawn and adopted out through the Orchard.
Based on real gerbils, these are cute little individually drawn critters. Gerbils are adoped out through the Orchard Messagepost.
Allonian deer. Lainies are individually drawn and adopted out through the Orchard.
Winged Leopards
Large winged cats. Winged Leopards are individually drawn and adopted out through the Orchard.
Wobbles are cute little balls of fluff. Wobbles are individually drawn and adopted out through the Orchard.
Mouse Paints
See the wonderful click-and-take Mouse Paints! These are free for the taking! Further batches are announced on the Orchard Messagepost.
Gatathla Hundansta Griffons
Click-and-take Griffons, but you've got to find them first....
Cyberpets I've Adopted
See all the cute critters I've fostered from other adoption agencies. These are all copywrited and are not available for taking!
Ruf Associates
My brother-in-law's company. :)

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